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October 3, 2011

Cash Rules Everything Around Me – C.R.E.A.M.

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Have you ever gotten lost while listening to your favorite song? So mesmerized by the lyrics and the emotion the artist put behind it? I guess we all have, but what rarely crosses our mind is the image an artist must maintain in order to be successful. Today, the music industry is more superficial than ever, but appearance has been one of the most important parts of an artists career since artists began being shown nationally and internationally on television, and in magazines. To the record industry an artist is a cash flowing product first and an artist later. If Elvis’ appearance didn’t match his soothing vocals, record executives would have thought twice about signing him. This also goes with some of the biggest names in music history, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey, just to name a few. This trend followed into the 21st century with artists like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Justin Bieber and Katy perry. Some would argue that when money is involved, talent takes a backseat to good looks.

Appearance may be nine tenths of the law, but we can’t forget about sales and ratings. When I was sixteen I auditioned for American Idol, clearly I didn’t make it very far. What surprised me most was the flamboyantly dressed drag queen who made it further than I did. I’m not quite sure the man in drag had talent, but he would definitely attract the attention of viewers at home, which means ratings. Controversy sells just as much as sex, and Jordan sneakers on a Saturday.

Combined, appearance and ratings or sales go hand in hand. Adele is the perfect example. She doesn’t fit in with the Gagas and Beyoncès of the industry because she is not “slim enough.” I can’t tell you how many times Adele has been judged by her appearance and not by her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Because she does’t spark controversy, have a famous hair cut, or wear produce as apparel, she is pushed aside in order to make room for those who do. Luckily, Adele’s talent doesn’t go to waste, once people look past the superficial things and hear her music she’s appreciated. Adele is also on her way to being the top selling artist of 2011, with her album “21” being more than three times platinum (she is a musician, her job is to sing not to look like your fantasy). Although Adele faces much criticism, she proves that entertainment, sales, and appearance take a backseat to talent.

With one person breaking the trend, I hope it continues. This may encourage those with talents who don’t fit the “norm” to reach for their dreams.

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3 Responses to “Cash Rules Everything Around Me – C.R.E.A.M.”

  1.   jenny abeles Says:

    Olivia, If I’ve already said this, I apologize for repeating myself, but I really appreciate your take on the music industry. I’m picking up what you’re laying down, sister! It’s been so long since I’ve been aware of the big pop icons of the day, I couldn’t name or recognize one Lady Gaga song; I tend to go see smaller bands, the ones that go on tour in their parents’ cars and sell their cd’s out of backpacks. And I think I can say that even in that scene, image counts for something, but not nearly on the scale of what you criticize here.

    I really like the questions you ask at the beginning of this piece, and I’m wondering how you might come full circle to these at the end? Could you talk about an Adele song that does that for you? Go into more detail about what makes her music so great? I read Patti Smith’s book _Just Kids_ over the summer, and she got to know people in the music industry by writing music reviews, and then she became a famous singer/songwriter herself. I like this writing about music/singing combination you’ve got going on, and I’d encourage you to pursue it. Do you think you’ll continue with this blog?

  2.   oliviaacevedo Says:

    I’m not sure I’d continue with this blog per-say but I’ll definitely consider pursuing something like this when I have the time. After I graduate I plan on taking any steps necessary to make it in this industry so I’m glad you suggested this, thank you. You asked what Adele song would apply to the questions I asked in the beginning and I have to say “One and Only” from the 21 album has to be one of my all time favorite songs. Its a perfect melody with a perfect voice and we’ve all been in that place.

  3.   Pru Says:

    helllo there, I am going to critique your work so far. You have not posted a poem so once you do I will take the time and give you my thoughts on it. Ok so I read all of your blogs and they were very interesting to read. I liked how you taked about the music industry and how it is a popularity contest to see who is going to make it. I can say that I am aware of what is going on but your blogs opened my eyes even more. Even though you went into details about who some of these artists were and such I had to listen to them myself to get an understanding. I don’t think that this had to do with how well you told us who thery were, I just that music need to be heard to have a point made. In your blog I found a lot of what you didn;t like and not so much what you did. You talked alot about Adele and I like that you talked about one perticular artist who was being pushed under the rug so to speak. I’d like to see more artisits like that mentioned. I really liked how you put up a video of you singing and how you talked about your love of singing as well. I must say that must have taken guts to do. You wwere clear and to the point in your writing which I liked alot. There is no real story being told more of a your oppinions which I liked. I also liked that you did give us a little story about a personal example in your life based with music and popularity, when you tried out for american idol. I liked that.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpB15nGEgUw I think that this song made me think of your blogs. The song has a good beat and it is relevent to times. I hope that all the feed back helps. 🙂

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