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September 26, 2011

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Its not easy to put yourself out into a world of established musicians who are sure to judge you. I’m not a very shy person but when it comes to singing I get extremely self conscious. A lot of my friends have just recently started to hear me sing. When it comes to performing, I’m a complete mess. I have no energy on stage, I completely lose myself. I one hundred and ten percent admire all of the artists and upcoming artists who can do things like this with confidence. So to challenge myself, I’ve recorded this video for you guys, something I wouldn’t normally do for complete strangers. Let It Be – Across the Universe Version I’d love to hear your feedback. Hope you like it 🙂

Music isn’t just about the sound, there’s a lot of emotion and passion that goes into a good artist’s work and it takes a whole lot more to broadcast those deep feelings to people you don’t know let alone the ones you do. These components not only make for better songs but also an appealing vocal arrangement. Adele’s newest album “21” sends us such a powerful message about her past breakup. She sings her entire heart out into that album, just hearing her words you can almost literally feel her pain. Its hard for me to perform songs I’m not personally attached to, I can hardly imagine how it would feel to pour my entire heart out for the world to see. Artists similar to Adele deserve more credit than they get. Like Duffy for example, her song “Mercy” might be the only song a lot of people know but in reality she’s highly underrated. She has a great voice for one and she’s just as passionate in her music as Adele. Then we have artists like Amy Winehouse, who’s talents are completely overrated based on how the public views them. Amy Winehouse, in my opinion, is one of the greatest singers of our time and yet, before she died, she got so little credit because she was addicted to drugs and that’s all our media focused on. If you ask me, the media is what’s ruining our music industry.

Granted, its not easy to find artists who aren’t well known so here are some suggestions as to how you can go about it if you’re interested: browsing youtube for people who cover other artists songs because a lot of them have their own original songs as well. Also, Pandora is great because when you listen to a certain artist’s playlist they also throw in a few artists similar to them you might also be interested in. I honestly wish more people knew to do this, its not a question of how terrible one’s taste in music is, its about not knowing where to look for better music. So hopefully you’ll take my advice and tell your friends as well.

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  1.   jenny abeles Says:

    Olivia, dear, I just love that look on your face at the end of your video. You *know* you did a good job, don’t you? Your voice is beautiful, and I think every little thing you can do to build your confidence as a singer, such as this video, will help you understand that you have a gift you were meant to share. And I know how hard it is. I studied opera for ten years and finally gave it up because I *hated* performing. But I wish I hadn’t…

    Do you have any anecdotes about bad performance experiences (I know I do!) that could round out pieces like this? Opinions are great, and your opinions about music and the music industry seem interesting and well-founded, but stories really grab a reader. Telling stories helps to build your writerly voice and helps readers to picture you in a context, a scene, wch draws them into the narrative of your experience more vividly.

    You’re doing a great job on this blog!

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