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September 20, 2011

Don’t forget the lyrics!

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I’ll start off by saying I realized I wasn’t entirely clear about where to find NyboЯ and what song I’m featured on. So heres a direct link to “Élan Vital” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27KGOAROLiU and feel free to subscribe to her youtube channel for more. I’ll be featured on a few of her newer tracks as well so stay tuned for those.

Now for the good stuff, I’ve been thinking seriously about everything I said in my last post (hence why this post is so late) and I wanna elaborate more on my own preferences lyrically speaking. I know I said lyrics lately lack substance and I stick to that statement completely but I also believe some of these artists who rap about nothing can be intriguing. I realize that might be difficult to understand so I’ll show you what I mean. There’s a group a lot of you may have heard of called OFWGKTA which stands for “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All”. As you can probably tell by their title, they’re a bit off the wall. The group is made up off artists ranging from R&B singers to rappers and producers etc. Now the most popular, I think, of this group would be Tyler, the Creator who is possibly the most vulgar rapper I’ve ever come across. He raps about all the raw, disgusting (for lack of a better word) thoughts we all have but would never make public. Lyrically, he’s different; I can’t say I’ve ever heard another rapper like him so my point here is that he puts his own private thoughts into his lyrics and that is what makes it intriguing, its real and it says something about his character whereas artists like Kanye West rap about cars and money and being “gangster” and tell no story about who they are or what they think. Its like reading a book with no plot or storyline. Don’t get me wrong, Kanye West produces some of the best beats of our time but we’re talking lyrics for now.

Going back to artists with lyrical substance, J. Cole is one of my favorite rappers right now because of this reason specifically. Listening to his music you get a feel for how he grew up, where he’s been in his life whether  its about family, love or the things he’s witnessed. So again, its a matter of putting your heart and soul into the music so the listener feels where you’re coming from. I think good music has a certain impact on the life of the listener and that’s what I think music is lacking nowadays. Some artists forget that they should relate to their fans as well, a lot of us listen to certain songs at certain times because they reflect how we’re feeling at the time but I’m not sure any one of us Plain Janes can identify with lines like “bought the chain that always give me back pain” (Kanye West, Monster).

Somehow my posts have become all about hip hop but I haven’t forgotten about all the other genres out there. Stay tuned, next week I’ll give you guys something new… and I might surprise you all with a little video as well 😉

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